Router tricks for more surfing speed

In order to use bandwidth optimally, it must be divided. There are special router functions for this. We introduce you to the best tricks for more surfing speed .

How user-friendly a communication service is can be seen in the so-called Quality of Service (QoS). For example, the quality of telephone connections is included in this value. Here, what has been said must be transmitted without delays and disruptions and disconnections are also taboo. The same applies to downloads. The transmission rate should also be very high here and the data transfer without interference. When playing games, an avatar is in mortal danger on an unreliable connection.

Therefore, for a high quality value, there must be a reliable connection to the server and the teammates, and the ping values ​​must be as low as possible. That’s not a problem either as long as you’re on the phone or playing or downloading something. Problems only occur when different applications connect to the Internet at the same time. This is the case, for example, when you play on the PC and in the background a mail program receives a message with a large attachment. If a call then comes in via Voice over IP (VoIP) – ie via the Internet – the Internet connection will be put to the test.

The biggest burden is not the download. When transfer rates of 6, 16, or 25 Mbps are reached, bandwidth is definitely not lacking . However, in private households asymmetric transmission rates are the rule. This means that the download rates are much faster than the upload rates. If you think now “Fortunately, I only transmit data on the phone”, you’re wrong. If you receive a data packet, the reception must be confirmed with a TCP acknowledgment, ie a so-called acknowledge (ACK). If such a confirmation fails, the transfer begins again. This does not happen once, but over and over again, the transmission ratethrottled by the transmitter. If not at some point a confirmation is received, the transfer process is completely aborted. In the above example, this would mean that the mail was not downloaded, the game was frozen, and the call was canceled.