Facebook wants to explain selection of posts in the app

Facebook wants to better explain to users why they see individual posts. For this purpose, a function named “Why is this post displayed to me?” In the app introduced, as the online network announced on Monday.

They should also be able to change settings for the selection. Among other things from the politics in Germany it had been demanded that Facebook reveals more about the functioning of its algorithms for the sorting of contributions in the Newsfeed of the users.

“Our users had criticized that they could not always understand why a certain post was seen above – or at all – in their news feed,” Facebook admitted. From the explanations, it now appears that one factor in the selection can be, for example, that posts with photos have been commented on more frequently than those with other media – or that posts by a specific user have been tagged more like.

A similar feature for advertisements introduced in 2014 will be expanded with additional information. This includes, for example, if an advertiser has worked with an agency to serve an ad.