Technology theft: New allegations against Huawei

Because of alleged technology theft, new investigations into Huawei appear to have been initiated in the US. The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer and network equipment company is accused of stealing intellectual property from individuals and businesses for years.

This was reported by the “Wall Street Journal” on Thursday, citing people familiar with the case. Also, Huawei is said to have wooed employees from competitors. The investigation should thus go beyond the already ongoing investigations, the newspaper said.

The US Department of Justice is currently accusing the company of violating Iran sanctions. But President Donald Trump is in the trade dispute with China against the network equipment supplier. He fears, according to his own statements, that Huawei’s technology could serve as a spy for the Chinese government. The Group rejects this.

The prosecutor in New York refused to comment on the report from the Wall Street Journal. At Huawei, nobody was able to reach it first.