How in Android always opens your favourite browser

Android users have the option to download their own app for applications such as music. But so that it also opens automatically, users must first set them as the default app. It works like this.

Links always opens the strange browser of the smartphone manufacturer, you do not really want to use. And the music never plays a mobile device with your favourite player.

High time to adjust the settings for the default apps. But how does that work? Quite simple: From Android version 9 opens the settings. Click the gear icon on the screen. You may have to open the “menu”.

Then go to ” Apps and Notifications / Advanced / Default Apps “. You can then tap the default setting that you want to change.

If you can not find the option or use an older version of Android, it’s best to open the settings and search for “default” in the search bar. Now the device should display an option like “standard applications”.