Huawei brings Android rivals in position

There is much speculation as to whether Huawei will bring an alternative to Android on the market. Internal sources now call a possible release date – and more details.

As early as August 9, Huawei will probably introduce his alternative to Google’s operating system Android: HongMeng OS. Huawei will be presenting the operating system at its developer conference in Dongguan, according to China’s state-run news portal Global Times. The portal relies on internal sources.

In addition, in the fourth quarter of 2019, a smartphone with HongMeng OS will appear on the market. The device should cost around 260 euros (2,000 yuan).

The trigger was a commercial dispute

The message from “Global Times” contradicts statements by Huawei bosses. The stressed in interviews in July that HongMeng OS is not developed as an Android replacement. Instead, the operating system should run on Internet of Things devices.

It has long been speculated whether Huawei released an alternative operating system to Android. The background is the trade dispute between the US and China: In response, Android developer Google had announced that the technical support for Huawei devices for the time being to end. Among other things, Huawei smartphones would not receive any security updates. It was also feared that programs like WhatsApp would not work anymore. In a FAQ, Huawei emphasized that nothing would change for customers.

Compatible with Android apps and more privacy

On smartphones with HongMeng OS will also work Android apps. In addition, the system should have “cryptographic functions”, which should better protect user data.

The first device with HongMeng OS is due to appear on August 10, according to “Global Times”. This is a smart TV by Honor . Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei.