Control: driver played on 8 phones “Pokémon”

As a police patrol in the US city of Seattle marveled not bad: As the officials on the highway control a car on the margins and wanted to ask the driver if they could help him, they caught the vehicle owner in the act of “Pokémon Go” games – with eight smartphones at the same time.

As the “Seattle Times” reported, the car driver had even put together a kind of smartphone holder made of foam, in which he had clamped his eight cell phones. The “Pokémon” fan got away with a warning during the check. The police reprimanded him because the breakdown strip itself was not intended to stop for a quick “Pokémon” bitch, but let him drive on.

Before driving on, however, the man had to put his eight smartphones in the back seat – so that he would not be distracted from his obviously very seriously pursued hobby while driving and endanger other road users. If the man had played “Pokémon Go” while driving, he would not have got off lightly during the check and would have had to expect a penalty. So it remained at the instruction.

Control- driver played on 8 phones 'Pokémon'

“Pokémon Go” uses the GPS module of the smartphone to let players catch virtual monsters in real-world locations. The smartphone game has a large fan base and isolated almost fanatical followers. In addition to the car driver in Seattle, there is also an elderly gentleman from Taiwan who is curving his bike through Taipei with eleven smartphones and capturing monsters.