New initiative for tap-proof network started

The Ministry of Research intends to advance the development of quantum technology for future secure data communication in Germany and Europe. In addition, it provides a three-digit million amount.

In a first step, the technology will be researched and tested on a pilot route between two authorities. In a first step, 165 million euros will be made available for the “QuNET” project over seven years, announced research minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) in Berlin.

The Fraunhofer Society will thereby develop the basis for a first network for quantum communication together with the Max Planck Society and the German Center for Aerospace.

Trustworthy communication is the foundation of a free society, said Karliczek. Quantum technology offers a unique opportunity to securely transmit sensitive information better than any previous method. Every eavesdropping attempt could be noticed immediately. The initiative is now to develop the physical foundations on which a tap-proof network for the Federal Government should emerge. The international competition is great, said Karliczek. “That’s why we need to move research forward quickly.”

Quantum technology is supposed to make nets secure

China, for example, had already successfully carried out a quantum-based satellite communication trial , Karliczek said. Germany and Europe would therefore have to develop their own competences in order not to become dependent on other countries. “QuNET” should be a first step towards a pan-European architecture.