The USA now wants to support Nokia and Ericsson

In the fight against possible supremacy of the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei in the expansion of the new 5G networks, the US now apparently want to financially support the two European competitors Nokia and Ericsson. According to insiders, both companies are to be granted cheap loans.

As the “Financial Times” reports, the two companies should be able to give their customers similarly generous financing conditions as Huawei offers its customers.

Huawei sold 28 per cent of the world’s telecommunications equipment, according to figures from the market research firm Dell’Oro. Especially in emerging markets, the Chinese are currently achieving large sales success, also because they make comparatively cheap financing offers. In the West, on the other hand, it is currently considered that Huawei should be excluded from the development of 5G networks due to security concerns.

Critics urge promotion of domestic providers

According to the report, however, it is not disputed in the US administration to promote Huawei competitors from Europe, because there is no corresponding provider of 5G radio technology in the US. The critics instead insisted on promoting a local rival from Huawei. So large American technology companies such as Oracle and Cisco were asked if they would consider an entry into the 5G radio engineering market.