So fast iPhones and Galaxys lose value

Smartphones lose value as soon as they are removed from their packaging. And their resale price drops even further when a new model is announced. A recent evaluation shows which iPhones and which Galaxy models from Samsung retain their value for a relatively long time – and in which the loss of value is “dramatic”.

To find out which smartphones are the biggest “value champions”, the reseller platform investigated the depreciation of several iPhone and Galaxy models from the day they appeared on the market until today.

As a result, Apple’s iPhone prices tend to fall by at least 40 percent in the first month of its launch, before appearing to stabilize in the months that follow, with just over one percent of its value lost each month. According to, iPhone X already lost 59 percent of its original value in less than a year after its launch, and the iPhone XS lost 49 percent and the iPhone XR 43 percent. The iPhone 7, which has been available since the fall of 2017, lost even 81 percent of its value, and the year after that, the iPhone 8 was 65 percent.

Even faster, however, Samsung’s Galaxy models (and Android devices in general) lost value, according to the portal. Just a few months after its release, the Samsung Galaxy S10 lost 57 percent in value, the Galaxy S10 + 52 percent.

“Quick Selling”
Conclusion from “Whatever you own, our investigation makes it clear that you should sell it as soon as possible to get the best price. Every additional month that you hold on to it means more loss of value. “Especially after the announcement of a new smartphone, the value of its predecessor models is” dramatic. ” Thus, before the annual Apple Keynote iPhone – the idea of ​​the next iPhone generation is expected for September 10 – iPhones on average worth 30 percent more than afterwards.