PS5 comes Christmas 2020 with a new controller

A specific date, let alone a price, is still not there, but now at least a timeframe: Just in time for Christmas 2020 Sony will bring it’s PlayStation 5 in the trade. That said Jim Ryan, president of the games division, with. Accordingly, the next generation of consoles will also get a new controller donated with haptic feedback.

The haptic feedback replaces the familiar “rumble” technology to deepen the “sense of immersion” in the game, Ryan said. “With the feeling you feel a wider range of feedback so that bouncing against a wall in a race car feels quite different than the shaking on the football field. You can even get a sense of a variety of textures as you walk through grass fields or mud, “promises the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Ryan also improved the shoulder buttons (L2 / R2) according to Ryan. They had “adaptive triggers”. Developers could program the resistance of these triggers so gamers “have the tactile sense of pulling a bow and arrow or accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain,” he explained. In combination with the haptic, this could lead to a “strong experience that better simulates different actions”.