Hobbyist builds the smallest gaming laptop in the world

It shines and is barely larger than a thumb: A hobbyist has developed the smallest laptop in the world. And on the device, even some classic video games are running.

The hobbyist Paul Klinger has built the smallest gaming laptop in the world: The device is a little larger than a thumb and similar in design to a Thinkpad from Lenovo. This reports “Gizmodo.com”.

Alluding to Lenovo’s devices Klinger calls his laptop ThinkTiny. The hardware used is the ATtiny1614 microcontroller, an 8-bit chip. The screen resolves with 128 to 64 pixels. When switched on, the Think logo also lights up in the lower area of ​​the ThinkTiny.

“Tetris”, “Snake” and co playable

The case for the ThinkTiny has been developed by Klinger himself and printed out in the 3D printer. There are four games installed on the device: “Tetris”, “Snake”, “Lunar Lander” and “Game of Life”.

The games can be played using the joystick on the device, which is modeled on the TrackPoint of the Lenovo Thinkpads.

Klinger does not plan to sell the device. For users who want to build a ThinkTiny themselves, Klinger has published the code for the microcontroller and the model for the 3D printer on the developer platform GutHub.

This is not the first project of this kind by Klinger. Previously, the hobbyist had already built the smallest gaming PC in the world: the Tiny PC.