Fresh wind in lung medicine

For patients with a variety of problems in the thoracic area has changed in recent years, much for the better, are the beginning of October 10 meeting in Vienna lung experts.

From rapid diagnosis to surgical intervention to individualized treatment for asthma and lung cancer, progress has been made. Today it is possible to operate without artificial respiration! Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation enriches the blood with oxygen. “This allows the surgeon to optimally perform the procedure, especially for central tumors of the trachea and its branches. The result of lung transplantation also improves significantly, “reported thoracic surgeon Professor Dr. med. Walter Klepetko from the MedUni Vienna at a press conference.

Even with mild asthma today one treats the inflammation of the bronchial tubes, while until now only medication has been intervened when respiratory distress occurs. Lung cancer is used by doctors to fight immune and targeted therapy ever earlier. The “chemo” with its side effects is losing importance.