Sony surprisingly caps PS4 Facebook connection

When Sony launched its PlayStation 4 in late 2013, it was touted as a “social console” with a share button and Facebook connectivity. Now the Japanese have surprisingly cut the Facebook connection. Why this happened is unknown.

So far, players have been able to link their PlayStation to their Facebook account, aligning contacts, sharing screenshots, achievements, and videos on their profile and using their Facebook profile picture on PlayStation. This concludes with one hit.

“We apologize”
An official Sony statement said, “We apologize for the inconvenience.” However, the Japanese did not explain why they decided to take such a step without warning.

Sony surprisingly caps PS4 Facebook connection

According to “WinFuture” there are suspicions that it may have to do with the competitive situation in which Sony and Facebook are in the virtual reality area. Sony vests with its PlayStation VR for virtual reality gamer, Facebook with its acquisition Oculus.

Radical step by Sony

Given that virtual reality is still a niche phenomenon, however, complete cessation of cooperation would be a radical step. Especially since the end of the co-operation restricts the social features of the PS4 so loudly praised at the market launch.

Although videos can still be uploaded to YouTube, the world’s largest social network was certainly an important place for many gamers to show off their gaming exploits.