The ten funniest resolutions for 2019

Many of us regularly make New Year resolutions on New Year’s Eve. But it usually hangs with the perseverance. Better, you take care of something, which you can keep guaranteed. Here are the best funny resolutions for the new year. The ten funniest  intentions  in the overview: … to make no good intentions for the next year. … to spend […]

Well dressed in the year 2019: The perfect New Year’s Eve outfit

The little black dress or rather a red cocktail dress? Which clothing fits best on New Year’s Eve and how to survive the turn of the year in style, has revealed style expert Caroline Fischer in an interview. “And what are you doing on New Year’s Eve?” – a question that dominates every small talk at the end of the year. Most attract numerous events and […]

Too much alcohol: 10 tips against the New Year’s Eve

As nice as the New Year’s Eve was, so bad can be the New Year’s morning. We have compiled the top ten tips for cat control for you. Get well! On January 1 of every year many people are not doing very well. The sparkling champagne the night before gave you the rest. With headache and a lethargic stomach you torture yourself at […]

Kendall Jenner is the best-selling Model 2018

Of course, once again a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is at the top of a ” Forbes ” list: Kendall Jenner is the best-earning model in the current year 2018. With proper distance … Kendall Jenner (23) has outlived her colleagues financially: According to a now published list of the US magazine “Forbes” she is the best-selling model in 2018. Accordingly, she cleared about 22.5 […]

New Year’s Eve with animals: you have to pay attention

New Year’s Eve with animals: you have to pay attentionThe noise created by fireworks is exhausting and dangerous for animals. Pet owners should prepare for the turn of the year. Here you will find out what precautions have to be taken At the turn of the year, a big fireworks display will be indispensable for many. For animals, […]

Amanda Bynes secures brand rights for a fashion line

At the end of November, Amanda Bynes returned with a scandalous interview . Soon a new fashion line will follow. For a long time, Amanda Bynes (32, “Easy to Have”) heard nothing more when she reported back in a scandalous interview in “Paper” magazine at the end of November . In it, she reported among […]

Winter Blues? At these 20 goals, you get a good mood immediately

Wherever you can escape, when at home the cold depresses your mind. And yes, there are many more great options than Florida and the Canaries! When the sun is boiling in Germany on absolute low flame and in addition to rain, snow and uncomfortable temperatures press on the mind, sooner or later tremendous escape reflexes […]

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