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6 Tips for sleeping too hot nights

We help you through the hot nights. Our advice: shower lukewarm or have some eggs for dinner. Climate: Normalize body temperature with a lukewarm shower before going to bed. Too cold causes the vessels to contract, creating a build-up of heat. Room temperature: Darken the windows during the day to […]

Top Secret: 10 rules for a style affair

Sometimes you just love twice … So we have ten secret rules on how to conduct a style affair. But do not betray … Surely you love your partner, but you are planning a affair with style or may already be multi-tracked …? Then we have some top secret rules. […]

Decrypt female tattoos

Many women who get a tattoo want to convey a message. Take a good look, because that will help you find out a lot about them – even the most intimate. Tattoos are always an offer for communication. If you notice a tattoo onthe first date or getting to know […]

Fancy camping accessories

From a funny caravan salt & pepper set, to a beer safe without electricity, to a travel toilet in the form of a ” bucket ” we present you with 12 original camping gadgets for giving away and for your own use . 1) Caravan salt & pepper set So […]

The Most Beautiful Face of Germany Comes from Bamberg

Bamberg – Your name could not be more appropriate: Die schöne Helena! Helena Demid (24) from Schönbrunn (district of Bamberg) won the title “Miss Glamourfaces Germany 2017” on the weekend. The Fränkin thus has Germany’s most beautiful face. “I inherited this from my mama,” she says. And in doing so […]

Top 10 Lonely Planet Destinations 2017 are really worth their money in 2017

Breathtaking landscapes, a lot of culture and yet an affordable price – in a similar way the majority of travelers would describe their dream holiday. “Lonely Planet” has selected a top 10 destinations that are worth their money The “Upper Peninsula of Michigan”, the upper peninsula, is one of the […]

Facts about Sweden

The largest country in the Region is also the one with the most inhabitants. For many, Sweden is synonymous with the production of quality cars, iron and steel. Inland lakes and large rivers represent nearly ten percent of the area of ​​Sweden. The country also has vast coniferous forest areas, […]