Too much alcohol: 10 tips against the New Year’s Eve

As nice as the New Year’s Eve was, so bad can be the New Year’s morning. We have compiled the top ten tips for cat control for you. Get well!

On January 1 of every year many people are not doing very well. The sparkling champagne the night before gave you the rest. With headache and a lethargic stomach you torture yourself at noon from the bed and suffers agony. What a start to the new year. But all this does not have to be. With a few tips, the wild hangover becomes a tame kitten in an instant.

Ten tips against the evil New Year’s Eve cat :

Tip 1: Ordinary hangover breakfast
Leave the rollmops in its can and treat yourself to a hearty breakfast. Balancing nutrition is the key to regaining control of your electrolyte balance, and vitamin-rich and sugary foods help your body release the alcohol.

Tip 2: Drink a lot
Liquid is the nuts and bolts! Just after waking up and with the first signs of a hangover, reach for the mineral water bottle. Even if it may be difficult at first: Drink a lot, then you have your suffering under control in a few hours.

Tip 3: Fresh air
Of course you want to crawl in bed or on the couch until the hangover is over again. Unfortunately, this behavior is counterproductive. Fight off the feathers and go to the door. Nobody requires athletic high performance from you, but a short walk in the fresh air works wonders.

Tip 4: Cold shower
Similar to fresh air, it is the cold shower. The idea of ​​hungering for these exertions frightens many. But afterwards you feel like you have changed. Out of the springs and from under cool wet.

Tip 5: Peppermint oil
The fat head persists? Try dripping a few drops of peppermint oil on the forehead and neck and gently moistening them. The fresh peppermint scent revives and awakens new spirits.

Tip 6: Get off the carousel
Do you still have problems with your balance after your sleep, and do you ride a merry-go-round? No problem: for some, the simple trick helps to get a leg out of bed. If that does not help either, try using several pillows under the neck, so that your head and upper body are higher. Works mostly miracles and after a few minutes you are ready to get up.

Tip # 7: Cool Your Head
You do not want to take painkillers right away, but have a hammering headache? Try cooling. A bag of ice wrapped in a cloth and off with it on the forehead. The cold narrows the vessels and often makes the pain disappear. If you feel frostbite alarm when you think of ice, you can try it with a cold, wet washcloth.

Tip 8: Stay away from coffee! 
And if the scent is so tempting: Keep your fingers off coffee with a cat! In this case, caffeine is not good for your body at all and can even outperform the organism that is struggling with alcohol. In addition, coffee is not good for her already attacked stomach.

Tip 9: suppressing nausea
Tired stomach that slowly but surely turns into nausea? If you are really struggling with an extreme nausea, then you should keep a sliced ​​apple under your nose. The pleasant smell suppresses the nausea. Ginger tea also calms the stomach and also helps against a slight dizziness.

Tip 10: The tablet
If home remedies do not help, then the pharmacy cupboard has to serve. Which analgesic is best tolerated by the individual and with the best effect, everyone has to find out for themselves. Of course, if you have nothing at home, the pharmacist you trust will help you out of this predicament. But beware: medications should be taken only in exceptional cases.