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This care needs hands in the cold season

Rough spots, redness , itching : dry skin annoys. In the cold season especially the hands suffer from the weather conditions . With these tips, they stay beautiful! Cold can completely put the skin. Normally, it produces sebum to prevent water loss and not dehydrate it. However, from around eight […]

Strong push-up tips

Your goal is the perfect pushups? Here are the most important tips. Execution practice Place hands about schlulterbreit and turn slightly inward, the hull is stable and does not sag. Important: a steady pace and keep the elbows close to the body. This protects the joints. Do not stretch your arms fully. So your muscles […]

The summer is not over in this place in Europe

That autumn does not always show its golden side is nothing new. If you can not get any fog or raincoat, you should simply extend the summer! The summer is far from over in the Kvarner Bay in Croatia … It is autumn in Germany . Rain, fog and uncomfortable temperatures often determine the days. Some mourn some of the warm summer afterwards. If you feel a […]