After having been tested (and refined) in the UCI XCO World Cup at the controls of Florian Vogel, the new Focus O1E of 2017 is presented in partnership. In its next catalog, the German company releases a 29-inch double-suspension model for the XC segment which, among other things, features a 100-millimeter rear stroke, a new suspension system called FOLD, and a carbon frame With a geometry adapted to the high demands of the technical circuits present in the World Cup.

Focus O1E 2017

The current trend in the racing circuits XC is to present short and intense ascents combined with difficult technical stages of descent. The new Focus O1E is the result of this strong trend, and comes on the market after three years of development with the intention of becoming a Rally machine capable of climbing as a rigid and of developing with the same speed on slopes down.

The picture of the Focus O1e, entirely made of carbon, opens the new suspension system FOLD ( Focus Optimized Linkage Design ) of the German firm. This technology has allowed Focus engineers to divide the rear shock absorber into two distinct phases: in the first, the suspension functions in a regressive way to be very sensitive and to absorb optimally the irregularities of the ground in the first 30% of travel; In the second, the suspension acts progressively, more sensitive in the initial part of travel and much harder in the end to absorb the big impacts.

Complementing the new FOLD suspension system we find a robust symmetrical rear triangle, reinforced by small bridges, completely made of carbon. There is also a rear axle called RAT, exclusive to the company, designed to promote wheel changes in just a few seconds thanks to its quick release.

As expected, the table includes the most significant developments in the industry: although compatible with other configurations more dishes, protectors integrated into the box and internal standard guided compatible wiring with telescopic seatpost single -pan standard transmission Boost rear, among others Details.

In terms of geometry, the new Focus O1E comes with a steering angle of 69.2 °, a seat angle of 74.5 °, a pod length of 448 millimeters and three sizes for its frame (S, M And L). It is available in three different mounts (Team, Pro and Evo) and recommended a price of 7,999 €, 4,699 € and 3,999 € for each of the models, with a declared weight 9.9 kilograms for Team model and 11.9 kg for The Pro and Evo models.