Small gifts with a big impact

You need a present again soon and do not just want to bring the usual flowers? We have small gift ideas with great effect for you

Small gifts with a big impact

Flowers, chocolates, a greeting card from afar … sometimes it’s not so easy to choose a creative and loving gift for the best mum in the world. Often, time is often not enough for crafting and extraordinary unique items. But it does not always have to put the very big handwork in the gifts to make a big impact. We have collected small but fine gift ideas for you.

Homemade bath salt

Quickly created and still a special idea is homemade bath salts. Because not only the wellness aspect is in the foreground, but also the effort not only to buy the tingling bath additive, but to put it together. You simply need two cups of sea salt, two tablespoons of soda, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and essential oils of your choice. Lavender provides relaxation, lemon and rosemary provide clarity, orange, carnation and cedar refresh and invigorate, and a particularly luxurious blend of rose, geranium and lavender.

Mother-Daughter Brunch

Gifts do not always have to be material: in today’s fast-paced society, time, in our opinion, is the most important thing. Give your mother a coupon for a brunch, or even better: surprise her at home with a beautifully laid table. What makes the mother’s heart beat faster than fresh croissants and rolls, delicious jam, fruit salad and freshly brewed coffee? users who were allowed to taste the creation The jubilee edition not only looks good with its spring-like packaging, but with its light fruit nuances, it also goes well with the variety of the mother-daughter brunch.

Small gifts with a big impact

Gifts with a difference

Your mother has a favorite author? Or a book she wanted to read for so long? No matter what it is, a purchased gift can make you look great in no time if you pack it out of the box. Have you ever thought about wrapping the gift with a cake topper? It has a charming, playful touch and is reminiscent of grandma’s lace top cushion cover (it is best to wrap the gift in white or cream paper before punching it in the tip of a cake.) The whole ensemble is topped with fresh flowers covered in fine natural ribbon. best in white) attached to the gift.

Box with childhood memories

What do you associate with your mom? Often it is childhood memories of one’s own mother that trigger a particularly pleasant feeling in one. Whether it was a very particular butterbrot creation, the pumps you “borrowed” as a little girl, or a particular perfume, whatever it is, maybe (or better, a description of it in the case of sandwiches) in give away a beautiful box. Write a small letter to your mother, in which you share your childhood memories with her. So she not only gets a piece of you, but also a piece of herself.

By the way: Do you know why we actually celebrate Mother’s Day? Since 1922, we celebrate Mother’s Day in Germany on the second Sunday in May. The pioneering work was laid in 1905 by the American Anna Jarvis, who after the death of her mother on 8 May wanted mothers to be honored for their “work” and accomplishments during their lifetime. After countless letters to ministers, politicians and other men in influential positions, the first Mother’s Day in the USA was celebrated