The Most Beautiful Face of Germany Comes from Bamberg

Bamberg – Your name could not be more appropriate: Die schöne Helena! Helena Demid (24) from Schönbrunn (district of Bamberg) won the title “Miss Glamourfaces Germany 2017” on the weekend. The Fränkin thus has Germany’s most beautiful face.
“I inherited this from my mama,” she says.
And in doing so she does not need to spend 10 minutes in the bathroom in the morning.
Helenas beauty protocol:
► for foundation (make-up basis) under 1 minute
► 30 seconds eyelash
brush ► 30 seconds for eyebrow
pencil ► 20 seconds lipstick, better lipliner.
Helena works as a staff member at a temporary work company. There she is the juror, leads introductory talks. Frequently, forklift drivers or construction workers sit with her, introduce themselves.
“I’ve never been bothered,” she says. “But some applicants send me a friend request on Facebook.”
Dredging would be futile. “I’ve been with my friend Markus for seven years, my first relationship.

Helena has been happy with her friend Markus Dorn for seven years

Except one: the love God. “I am a very believing man. I pray every night. Even before every performance I ask God for his help. He has often shown that he helps me. ”
23 Models left Helena behind in the final round in Berlin. A juror: “She had the most beautiful face and the best charisma”.