20 things you never knew about Norway

We have collected some facts about our own country that will amaze you. It is said that one knows himself and his own very best, but we think we’ve managed to dig up 20 things you never knew about Norway.

1. Salmon Sushi is Norwegian

In the early 80s introduced Norwegian exporters salmon Japanese sushi chefs, but it did not begin to be particularly popular until the mid 90s.

2. Norway has taken the most medals in the Winter-ol

329 medals, Norway has taken. The US has 281, Austria 218 and Germany 209. Denmark has also 1.

3. The world’s largest deepwater coral is Norwegian

And located outside Lofoten.

4. B3ds and wardrobes at Ikea are named after places in Norway

So that’s why you may be over in Bekkestua.

5. Sweden’s last war was against Norway

The year was 1814.

6. The word F#ck is Norwegian

F#ck comes from old Norwegian fukk, which meant having intercourse. Bag is also too old Norwegian, and does reportedly pig stomach.

7. Norway has the second most expensive TV license in Europe

Only Switzerland who have expensive license than us. 22 countries in Europe have not TV license, while 21 have. Cheapest is it in Albania, where the annual TV license fee of around 45 million.

8. Hornindalsvatnet is the deepest lake in Europe

514 meters at its deepest. It is still slightly behind Baikal in Russia with a depth of 1637 meters.

9. There are many more lakes in Norway than in Finland

Finland called the thousand lakes, and they have 60,000 of them. In Norway there are around 450,000.

10. There are more people who speak English in Norway than in Canada

There are 89 percent of Norwegians speak English. The figure for Canada is 86 percent. (Sources: Canada Census 2011, SSB)

11. Skateboard was illegal in Norway in the 80s

It was also the film Life of Brian

12. Norway is the only country where you can buy Urge

The drink called Surge in the US, and was originally Norwegian. In the United States joined one to sell it in 2003.

13. Norway is the largest outside Norway

Queen Maud Land is 2.7 million square kilometers, Svalbard is 61,000 square kilometers, Peter I Island is 154 square kilometers and Jan Mayen 377 square kilometers. Norway does well also partial claim on fields of Ellsworth Land. Norway incidentally is 385,000 square kilometers.

14. Norway has the world’s longest road / road tunnel

Lærdatunnellen is 24.5 kilometers long. The longest tunnel in the world’s Delaware Aqueduct which is 137 000 meters.

15. As of 2011, Norway has introduced several EU directives than any other EU country

16. Norway is relatively larger, the gas than oil

Norway is the world’s fifth largest exporter of oil, but we are in third place on gas.

17. Christian Frederik Carl Georg Valdemar Axel was the king of Norway in 16 years

The Danish prince took the name King Haakon VII. His wife was from Wales. His son, Alexander Edward Christian Frederik, was thus half Danish and half Welsh. He took the name Olav. Haakon Magnus will be the first king of modern times were born to two parents born in Norway.

18. There are several descendants of Norwegians in the US than there are Norwegians in Norway

The last number of American studies is 6.5 million

19. Norway has the world’s most expensive gasoline

.. But in relation to the income we are roughly in the middle of the tree. Petrol is relatively much more expensive, for example in Turkey.

20. Voss water is water from the tap in Iveland.

Iveland is around 7 hours drive from Voss. Voss Water says it is spring water, but a documentary on TV 2 showed where the water came from. Turned upside down can just say that we all drink design water.