Winter Blues? At these 20 goals, you get a good mood immediately

Wherever you can escape, when at home the cold depresses your mind. And yes, there are many more great options than Florida and the Canaries!

When the sun is boiling in Germany on absolute low flame and in addition to rain, snow and uncomfortable temperatures press on the mind, sooner or later tremendous escape reflexes awake. Because honestly – who has been looking forward to winter for months? There is the prospect of getting on the next plane and getting some warmth somewhere in the distance, but much more motivating. Because a few days or weeks in sunny climes drive away the winter blues.

We scanned the world map for you and gathered some suggestions as to where your little (or big) escape might go.

Not only Florida and the Canaries are full of sunshine
Away from the cold gray – most of them think of Florida, the Canary Islands and Thailand. Of course you can always do, but the fact is: There are so many more great destinations to discover, which are just then, if in Germany is not or no longer think of bikini and beach feeling.

Ideal are all the countries where the seasons run counter to ours. Or you look around to the right and left of the standard targets. For example, the US has not only sun in Florida in the winter. Scenic significantly more varied and blessed to about March / April with pleasant temperatures is the Death Valley. In Europe, Madeira is certainly an alternative to the Canary Islands. In this sense: Let yourself be inspired by our picture show. Between Cuba and Cape Verde, Vietnam and New Caledonia, your ideal good mood destination is sure to be there.