Scotch, Bourbon and Co .: You should know these types of whiskeys

Hardly a drink splits the spirits like whiskey. If you have a taste, the spirit often falls. To help you navigate the whiskey jungle, we will give you an overview of the most popular varieties.

Whiskey is a drink for men! How so? Because he is honest, uncompromising and old-fashioned. Because it’s a great place to relax and talk shop – less off-topic than at the wine tasting, but quite at the same level. He has a wicked image of movies that we have always liked to see as little boys. Whiskey, smoking colts and tough guys – it just goes together.

Beginners do not have it easy
Although whiskey is so gloriously honest, it is often difficult for newcomers to orient themselves on the market – too many names are buzzing through the head when they stand in front of the liquor shelf. Should we now go for scotch, bourbon or rather Pure Malt, Single Malt or Blended Whiskes? And why are some varieties of whiskey, other whiskey with “e”?

The differences lie in the production of 
whiskey is fired. The term is misleading because the grain does not come into direct contact with the fire. The differences in the taste of each variety determines mainly the grain mixture used, the consistency of the peat or coal, the degree of hardness of the water, but also the barrel in which the whiskey is stored.

Is it whiskey or whiskey? 
It does not matter if you write whiskey or whiskey today. In Scotland and other countries where the spirit is distilled, the “e” is dispensed with. Because Ireland wanted to stand out, they used the extra vowel. The US also took over this spelling.

The main varieties

A scotch is whiskey from Scotland and is made from malted barley. However, it is also allowed to use other cereals, such as Grain Whiskey. Scottish whiskey is divided into 4 regions: Highlands, Speyside, Islay and Lowlands. The differences in taste are enormous. Especially the Scotch from Islay is considered a noble drop.

Irish Whiskey
He is a slightly easier colleague of Scotch. It is so mild because the malt is not dried over peat fire. Irish whiskey is distilled three times and stored in oak barrels for at least 3 years.

Malt and Single Malt Whiskey 
Malt Malt Whiskey, in contrast to Grain Whiskey, may only be used with fully malted barley (Malt). The word “single” means that the whiskey in the bottle comes from a single distillery.

Bourbon Whiskey 
The Bourbon is probably the most famous whiskey from the USA. He is named after a French royal family. The basis is corn, so it has a sweetish note. The grain mixture must have at least 51 percent corn on the bourbon.

Rye Whiskey He 
also comes from the United States and bears his name because of the grain used. If the grain mixture is made up of half to rye, it is a Rye whiskey.

Tennessee Whiskey 
Almost everyone knows “Jack Daniels”. The production of Tennessee Whiskey is very similar to that of Bourbon, but the alcohol is additionally filtered by charcoal.

Blended Whiskey 
Blended Whiskey is very popular. Known varieties are, for example, “Johnny Walker”, “Chivas Regal” or “Ballantine’s”. The mixtures of malt and grain whiskeys are often poured into long drinks. Scotch blends consist partly of whiskeys from 40 different distilleries.