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The three best recipes for low carb cookies

Cookies nibble without guilty conscience ? Thisis possiblewith these three delicious low carb recipes for vanilla kipper , coconut macaroons and cinnamon stars. What would be the pre-Christmas time without home- baked cookies ? All those who pay particular attention to their diet plan are now seduced by sinful treats from all sides. So that you can feast without a guilty conscience , here […]

This is how you get rid of bad breath

Whether on the first date or job interview – the well-publicized appearanceincludes well-groomed teeth and a fresh breath. Halitosis is unpleasant and embarrassing for those affected. We show you which tips to help against bad breath .  Often known as halitosis, bad breath often goes unnoticed for a long time. Affected do not perceive the unpleasant smell itself. Others do not usually dare to address […]