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6 Tips for sleeping too hot nights

We help you through the hot nights. Our advice: shower lukewarm or have some eggs for dinner. Climate: Normalize body temperature with a lukewarm shower before going to bed. Too cold causes the vessels to contract, creating a build-up of heat. Room temperature: Darken the windows during the day to […]

How to improve your posture

Good posture is important so you do not have problems and back pain – we’ll show you how to recognize bad posture and how to balance it How do you stand there? Crooked back, drooping shoulders, duck feet? Such bad postures do not have to be. The best exercises to […]

12 foods that you can still eat expired

Not every expired food must be thrown into the bin immediately. Many products you can eat even months later without hesitation. In which twelve foods you need not take the best before date, we tell you in our picture show. Are you also one of those people who immediately throw […]