Drink according to plan, not only when thirsty

Dehydration puts a strain on circulation, interfering with concentration, performance and general well-being in everyday life as well as recreational sports. Therefore, determine your personal needs!

When the mouth dries up and the head boils, it is much too late – the body is already suffering from dehydration. Even with fluid loss of two percent of body weight it comes to performance degradation, fatigue and reduced blood flow. Of course this is a problem in everyday life, but in sports you have to prevent such a condition.

There is no universal “drinking strategy” because the need for too many factors, such as outdoor temperature, exercise intensity, how much or how little you sweat, etc. depends. The two nutritionists Mag. Sabine Bisovsky and Mag. Eva Unterberger advise to follow a personal plan : “Weigh yourself regularly before and after the workout without clothing, the difference shows the lost amount of fluid. Therefore, drink more before training than usual. After that fill up 1.5 times the amount. If you exercise for less than an hour, water or herbal tea is enough, then the organism also needs minerals. But steer clear of energy drinks and alcohol! “

The best are 1: 1 diluted fruit juice, mineral water, unsweetened fruit or herbal tea during exercise, then fruit juice and sports drinks. Chilled but not cold, they leave the stomach most quickly towards the intestine, where the fluid is then absorbed by the body.

Always drink before you are thirsty! Because with physical exertion, this warning signal is only delayed and the defect has already arisen!