Hypertension and yoga: These exercises are dangerous

Yoga can lower blood pressure – as numerous studies have shown. But not all variants of health sports are suitable for hypertensive patients. The German Heart Foundation clarifies.

Especially people with hypertension need good relaxation techniques against the stress of everyday life. However, not everything that is generally recommended for getting down is suitable for people with hypertension – certain forms of yoga, for example.

The reason: In some yogavarians participants remain in a position for a very long time. These hold exercises need a lot of power, so it can increase blood pressure. This is what the German Heart Foundation points out in its magazine “Herz Heute” (Issue 3/2019). Types of yoga where you move a lot are better with high blood pressure – Hatha or laughter yoga, for example.

Suitable exercises for hypertensives

Controlled breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation are two relaxation techniques that are very well suited for hypertensive patients. Both are easy to learn and integrate well into everyday life.

The best relaxation technique, however, is a daily endurance training of around 30 minutes – be it walking, running, cycling or swimming.