Family on the move Children, stay athletic!

Handy and Co. make immobile and sluggish. With a few tricks you can bring the sprouts to more activity in your free time. Above all, it is an important balance when it is time to go to school again.

Exercise is important for a healthy physical development. According to the WHO recommendation, infants should work at least three hours a day. But how do you motivate the youngsters successfully? Most importantly, parents give good role models. Therefore, pay attention to your own activities, these should not just take place in front of the “Kastl”. The little ones quickly get to know how they spend their free time – active or sitting, or whether, for example, they go to work by bike.

Movement is also much more fun in a family group! Go hiking together at the weekend or take a bike ride. It is also worth trying out new forms of movement together. To stay tuned, the fun factor is not only important for the little ones. Pay close attention to what sport the child is talking about more often. Let the kids choose what suits them: Not every girl likes ballet, not every boy likes to play football.