The pounds tumble with these foods

Lose weight without starving – many dream about it. This can work with a high-fiber diet. The German Nutrition Society recommends eating 30 grams of fiber daily. Which foods provide the most fiber and how you get your daily ration of fiber.

Fiber promotes good health

Fiber is a vegetable fiber with many beneficial properties, including regulating digestion, reducing hunger, and keeping blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check. In addition, they prevent colon cancer , diabetes and arteriosclerosis. So if you lose weight with a fiber-rich diet, you are doing something good for your health. Extra fiber is found in wholemeal bread, cereals and legumes. But also berry fruits , dried fruits and some vegetables are good fiber suppliers.

Whole grain for the slim line

If you want to lose weight with fiber, you can not avoid wholegrain products . For example, one slice of wholegrain bread provides four grams of fiber, and a small portion of whole wheat pasta (75 grams) even six grams. By comparison, a large apple, a 100-gram portion of broccoli, or a handful of dried fruit (25 grams) only produce three grams of fiber each. If you eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables several times a day, you can easily consume the recommended 30 grams. That one can eat at the same time low calorie, shows our example calculation .

Dried fruits instead of chocolate bars

Of course, the fiber diet only works if you do not eat too much fat and sugar at the same time. When craving sweets, replace the chocolate bar with wholegrain biscuits or a handful of dried fruit. To quench your appetite without taking in many calories. Even a lightly sweetened yogurt with fresh raspberries is a healthy alternative for in between. With an appetite for salty snacks salted popcorn is a fiber-rich alternative to chips and Co.

Drink enough to eat fiber

However, those who eat high-fiber diet should note one thing: Fibrous substances swell up in the stomach and intestines and remove water from the digestive system. Therefore, it is important to drink enough. Flaxseed, dried fruit and whole grain products can otherwise cause constipation and unpleasant abdominal cramps. It is best to choose low-calorie thirst quenchers such as water, tea or diluted juice spritzers.