Do these 10 things for your health before you turn 40

Staying healthy for a long time before your 40th birthday and taking care of your body

Do these 10 things for your health before you turn 40

You are not old at the age of 40 If you take care of your health and keep fit, you will feel even younger. It is best to be prepared for this even before your 40th birthday and to pay attention to the following things in order to go through life healthy and fit later on.

1 Make sleep a priority

Your body needs its sleep – preferably seven to nine hours a day. Lack of sleep is unhealthy and also makes you look older than you are

2 Do not skip meals

Who skips meals, who has to fight later with food cravings. Better to eat properly three times a day and leave out the snacks in between. Especially on the breakfast you should not do without.

3 Eat less processed foods

The many sugars, the fat and salt that is found in industrially processed foods does not do any good to your health or your figure. Now begin to reduce the consumption of fast food and Co. and replace it with fresh produce.

4 Eat less salt

Unfortunately that is not just in your spice rack. All industrially produced foods contain salt. Actually, we only need half a teaspoon of it a day. Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems.

5 Do sports

Sport becomes more important the older you get. It keeps you fit so that you may get really old! Weight training in particular is good for strengthening your body.

6 Do not stay in the sun too long

Sad but true: With age, the risk of getting skin cancer from too much sun increases. Use sunscreen and stay in the shade! The visit to the solarium is logically not a good idea.

7 Avoid alcohol excesses

Alcohol has always been poison for the body, but the older you get, the more you fight to get rid of the damage. Keep your alcohol consumption better within limits.

8 Recognize the warning signals of your body

If you feel pain or notice changes to your body, do not ignore it. Take signals and let them test – mostly the answer is reassuring. Also important: do not lie to your doctor. He just wants to help you.

9 Take a look at the health history of your family

Whether you like it or not, your genes affect your health. So you should familiarize yourself with the health history of your family and inform your doctor about possible hereditary diseases.

10 Go to health care

The name “Vorsorge” is a program: If you take care of yourself now, you will not experience any nasty surprises later. Also, take vaccinations! This is important even in old age.