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These drugs are most often counterfeited

These drugs are most often counterfeited

Manipulated drugs are a million dollar business for counterfeiters. Which drugs are particularly popular with criminals – and how consumers should be protected. Counterfeiting of a drug for breathing problems, manipulation of a drug for hepatitis C viruses and stomach diseases, illegal Viagra potency pills, the customs authorities at the […]

Your health at risk on cruise ships?

Your health at risk on cruise ships?

The air is so polluted on cruise ships that it could endanger the health of its passengers and workers. This is the frightening finding of a study conducted clandestinely on these boats increasingly popular among tourists. Ryan Kennedy, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and author […]

New Hanuta packaging ensures Shitstorm

New Hanuta packaging ensures Shitstorm

Manufacturer Ferrero has changed the packaging of Hanuta and thus triggers a Shitstorm in the network. The reason for the annoyance of the customers is not the new design, but something completely different. New Hanuta packaging triggers Shitstorm Since 1959, the confectionery product Hanuta is available on the German market. […]

The three best recipes for low carb cookies

Cookies nibble without guilty conscience ? Thisis possiblewith these three delicious low carb recipes for vanilla kipper , coconut macaroons and cinnamon stars. What would be the pre-Christmas time without home- baked cookies ? All those who pay particular attention to their diet plan are now seduced by sinful treats from all sides. So that you can feast without a guilty conscience , here […]

The nine most important steps after a death

When a loved one dies, one does not at first think about the necessary bureaucratic formalities. Nevertheless, it is precisely the next relatives of a deceased who have numerous legal obligations immediately after his death. Survivors therefore have to deal with financial and insurance issues as soon as they die […]

If the sun’s vitamin is too short

Especially in autumn and winter, many suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This is not uncommon, as most of the important vitamin is absorbed by the sun. So what to do when the sun is not shining? Mostly, thanks to a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle, you are always well […]

This is how you get rid of bad breath

Whether on the first date or job interview – the well-publicized appearanceincludes well-groomed teeth and a fresh breath. Halitosis is unpleasant and embarrassing for those affected. We show you which tips to help against bad breath .  Often known as halitosis, bad breath often goes unnoticed for a long time. Affected do not perceive the unpleasant smell itself. Others do not usually dare to address […]

The best home remedy for colds or injuries

These foods help with minor injuries and colds For some complaints or injuries, the domestic refrigerator can serve as a substitute for a pharmacy. It does not always have to be the same to go to the pharmacy if you have injured yourself or you are suffering from a cold . Sometimes that’s enough for what you […]

How to improve your posture

Good posture is important so you do not have problems and back pain – we’ll show you how to recognize bad posture and how to balance it How do you stand there? Crooked back, drooping shoulders, duck feet? Such bad postures do not have to be. The best exercises to […]

12 foods that you can still eat expired

Not every expired food must be thrown into the bin immediately. Many products you can eat even months later without hesitation. In which twelve foods you need not take the best before date, we tell you in our picture show. Are you also one of those people who immediately throw […]

Top 20 Water Parks — World

1. Siam Park Adeje, Spain 2. Waterbom Bali Kuta, Indonesia 3. Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai, United Arab Emirates 4. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Orlando, Florida 5. Beach Park Aquiraz, Brazil 6. Wild Wadi Water Park – TEMPORARILY CLOSED Dubai, United Arab Emirates 7. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park Orlando, Florida […]

Scott Scale 2017

The Swiss firm completely renews two of the most representative models in its catalog, the Scott Scale and the Scott Spark, presenting for 2017 two new machines ready to become a benchmark of the XC / Marathon segment. The main news of the rigid? A new geometry with three different […]

Scott Spark 2017

The Scott Spark, one of the most sought-after XC / Marathon doubles by any Mountain Bike enthusiast, undergoes a thorough renovation for the 2017 season. Designed under the watchful eye (and needs) of World Champion Nino Schurter, the Spark of 2017 Arrives loaded with news on its wheels. The main […]

Mondraker Podium 2017

The Spanish firm has presented the new version of the Podium, one of its most charismatic rigid models. This model has been renewed, leaving behind sections of super large tubes to make way for a more stylized and elegant lines, which is able to increase the comfort, thanks to a […]

Focus O1E 2017

After having been tested (and refined) in the UCI XCO World Cup at the controls of Florian Vogel, the new Focus O1E of 2017 is presented in partnership. In its next catalog, the German company releases a 29-inch double-suspension model for the XC segment which, among other things, features a […]

Top 10 of the good purposes for Teeth 2017

Let’s get a healthier smile One of the most magical nights of the year is approaching for children and adults: it is the night of desires. Do you know what we mean? … The last day of the year comes with good intentions, filling us with positive energy to embrace […]


Among the premieres at the LA Auto Show 2016 (18 to 27 November) include the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the VW Atlas and Atuvs Lucid engine. We show all the novelties in the City of Angels! [cycloneslider id=”la-auto-show”] 50 NEW CARS COMING TO LA AUTO SHOW 2016 General Motors will present […]

Top 10 The best selling cars in the US

In the US, around 8.64 million cars were sold in the 1st half 2016th We show the 10 favorite cars of the Americans. At the top: big pickups and lots of Japanese. Who is searching in the Top 50 in the US registrations for models German carmaker, is very quickly […]