The best time for dinner

When and what is eaten in the evening has great influence on our body weight and our health. We tell you when, according to scientific studies, the best time for dinner is and which meals you should prefer.

The best time for dinner

Nutritionists have long agreed that the time of dinner has an influence on the quality of sleep at night and thus on the body weight. Because only a restful sleep makes the fat metabolism and all important for the body repair mechanisms running at full speed.

The Time magazine e has published a study recently that (once again) proves that a heavy meal can increase rapidly just before bedtime blood sugar levels, and we no longer feel tired by. The result: insomnia, poor fat burning and detoxification of the body.

But when is the ideal time for dinner? The study confirms the results of previous scientific research and recommends the following rule of thumb: In order for the body to have enough time to digest the dinner, it should be taken no later than three hours before bedtime and not after 8:00 pm.

The best time for dinner

The ideal meal

If you want to sleep well and maintain or lose weight, you should also eat at the dinner, which keep the blood sugar constant. As a result, the metabolism runs around and the body can process the nutrients best. A constant blood sugar helps you to fall asleep better, as already mentioned.

Nutrition experts agree that a mix of carbohydrates (potatoes, whole grain rice and bread) and proteins (fish, lean meats, dairy, eggs) is the optimal choice, with the low-carb option being preferred. Because too many carbohydrates prevent the nightly fat burning. Raw food is also not ideal, as it can lead to bloating at night and thus disturb sleep.

Especially recommended are foods that contain the amino acid tryptophan. This stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin, making you happy and sleepy. The following foods have a lot of tryptophan:

pumpkin seeds
Below we present you a perfect dinner meal. Instead of the kernels, you can also top the salmon with chopped cashew nuts:

Finally, three extra tips:

Never eat in front of the TV in the evening. If you look anxiously at the screen, you are usually happy to eat and lose the feeling of fullness.
In the evening are not recommended TV cooking programs. The sight of great treats can arouse cravings and let you go again towards the fridge.
Clean your teeth immediately after dinner. Because once your Beisserchen have been cleaned, you’ll think twice about snacking again.