The picking for everyone close!

Many people are not adequately protected against infections such as measles or influenza. At the pharmacy, you can now have your vaccination card checked and informed.

Just about every Austrian has one or two empty boxes in his vaccination record. These gaps should now be closed with the “vaccination check” in pharmacies: From 1 to 19 October can be checked in each pharmacy his vaccination status and obtain information.

“Many young people do not even know what infectious diseases such as measles can actually do. They can not be vaccinated because there is no awareness of the dangers. Their scepticism is also fueled by social media, “says Prof. Dr. med. Herwig Kollaritsch alarmed by the Center for Travel Medicine Vienna at a press conference.

There is often a lack of low-threshold access to the injections in this country. In countries with high immunization coverage, protection against influenza, for example, is provided by nurses, in hospitals or special vaccination busses in busy locations. Anyway, a first step should be taken to the pharmacy to track down its implants.