list of the 10 highest lakes in the world and extraordinary

#1 . Lima . From the lake Ojos del Salado , located in Chile until Saiful Muluk- located near Naran in Pakistan, are the lakes situated between the valleys and the highest mountains on Earth, according to page All Adventures .

#2 Lake Ojos del Salado is almost 21 thousand feet at the foot of the highest volcano inthe world, in the Argentine-Chilean border. Its length is 100 meters in diameter and 5 to 10 meters deep.

#3 Laguna Blanca and Laguna Verde are in Bolivia and sit at the base of Licancabur volcano, which also has a small lake inside its crater. The Laguna Verde is greater than the previous and has an area of 17 km.²:

#4 In Nepal are the five sacred lakes of Panch Pokhari , specifically in the National Park and Conservation Area Makalu-Barun of. This is a place of pilgrimage and revered by Hindus.

#5 Lake Gurudongmar is the 2nd highest lake in India. Located in the northern part of Sikkim (near the border with China), the lake is at an altitude of 5148 m (17,100 feet).

#6 Namtso Lake is located at an altitude of 4718 m (15,479 feet) on the border of China and Tibet. It is the highest salt lake in the world and the second largest saltwater lake in Tibet.

#7 Tsomoriri Lake is located within the Reserve Wetlands Conservation Tsomoriri in Ladakh (India) and with Changthang (northern plains) at an altitude of 4595 m.(15,080 feet).

#8 Laguna Colorada is located southwest of the Bolivian altiplano near the border with Chile, and is 4500 meters (14763 feet) above sea level and within the Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve.

#9 Titicaca lake known as Lake of the Clouds, is located in Bolivia and Peru and has an altitude of 3812 m (12464 feet). It is the highest “navigable” lake in the world where large boats ply its waters.

#10  Lake Saiful Muluk- located near Naran in Pakistan. It is 3224 m. (10577 feet) above sea level, and this glacial lake is one of the highest in the country.