The 20 most beautiful lakes in the world

The 20 most beautiful lakes in the world.Breathtaking beauties: So that you do not have to travel all, we have put together for you the most beautiful lakes in the world

Lakes are a great alternative to the sea. What’s more, they often take their breath away with their crystal-blue beauty. We introduce you to some that you must have seen from Europe to Africa.

Nothing crowns a landscape as perfect as a lake. As poured down, the banks nestle against mountains, hills, villages. And especially from afar, we notice how wonderful water looks like. For it often shines and sparkles in the shape of a lake like a colorful jewel. Because lakes are so impressive and do not have to hide behind the seas of this earth, we have dedicated a whole picture show to them.

1 Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Peru is at 3810 meters the highest navigable lake on the planet.

2 Lake Malawi is located in East Africa and is the world’s ninth largest in terms of area.

3 The Inle Lake in Myanmar offers with its typical Einbeinruderern a fantastic backdrop.

4 It’s like a jewel: Moraine Lake in the Banff National Park of Canada.

5 He is small, but beautiful: How enchanted affects the lake Buttermere, which lies in England in the Lake District.

6 Lake Geneva between Switzerland and France is definitely one of the most beautiful in the world.

7 A giant in every respect: Lake Baikal in Russia is at 1,642 meters the deepest lake in the world. He is also over 25 million years old.

8 Lake Kariba on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe is the largest man-made lake.

9 For the wonderful blue water of the Lake d’Annecy is famous in France. The lake is considered the cleanest in Europe.

10 The Banff National Park in Canada has several great lakes to offer. One of them is Peyto Lake, a lake with a turquoise color.