Dreaming luxury: The most spectacular yachts in the world

Dreaming luxury: The most spectacular yachts in the world Tennis court, submarine, own hospital – these award-winning superyachts make us wonder.

Whether tennis court, submarine or your own hospital – these award-winning superyachts make (almost) superfluous landings.

Luxury is not just a great thing if you enjoy it yourself. It’s also really fun to just look at him. You have the best opportunity for boat-looking. Or rather, the spectacular yachts that are currently on the oceans on the move and from modern design to extras such as a private submarine leave nothing to be desired.

We have rummaged for you in the winners of the World Superyacht Awards 2018 and show you what dreams can be met on the high seas with the necessary change.

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Floating villa with pink sail

The media group Boat International Media, which publishes magazines about mega-yachts worldwide, has been awarding prizes for the most extraordinary and ingenious super-yachts of the year for 13 years now.

Ships are generally expensive. Super yachts all the more. There are on board the very sleek and modern designed floors really every imaginable luxury: swimming pools with glass bottom, huge sundecks, living rooms that are larger than some apartment, a landing site for helicopters or even a small hospital.

No wonder, then, that some of the owners of the 2018 Superyachts live in their floating villas all year round. That you usually have to become a billionaire for the first time – as a gift. Until that happens, with our picture show you can dream of how life at sea feels like in the ultimate richness. Sometimes you even treat yourself to a bright pink sail.