Divine Architecture: The most fascinating mosques in the world

Mosque is the same mosque? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The Islamic churches are unlikely to be versatile. We present 16 very beautiful specimens.

What is a mosque?
The mosque is the place of worship of the Muslims. However, the followers of Islam do not meet in this place just to pray to Allah. The faithful also read from the Koran and use the prayer house for social and political gatherings. In Arabic one speaks of Masjid , this means place of prostration .

Not every mosque is the same
Not only in Christianity are places of worship often absolute masterpieces of architecture. Muslims ‘ houses of worship and mosques also offer many great discoveries for both outdoor and indoor architecture lovers. For whoever believes that mosques somehow always look the same, is a great mistake. Within different regions, Islamic places of worship may differ in shape and size. So the prayer room can be very small or can accommodate several hundred believers. In some mosques, the muezzin still calls himself from the minaret to prayer, in others the loudspeaker takes over. However, what does not differ within the many different mosques is the prayer niche,Mihrab , which is always aligned to Mecca .

Here it goes directly to the picture show with the most interesting mosques on earth.

Magnificent mosques of superlatives
In addition to the place for the communal Islamic prayer and the holy Friday prayer , mosques are very often optically a feast for the eyes. Quite apart from the fact that often unite superlatives under one roof here. Such as the famous Al Haram Mosque in Mecca , where the Kaaba is housed. This church has room for as many as 820,000 worshipers. Or the equally impressive Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The 5,627 square meter prayer rug there is the largest in the world.

Between fully automatic roofs and 1001 nights
Otherwise, there are worldwide Islamic churches with impressive details. One has a fully automatic opening roof and lets a laser beam to Mecca show at night . The next fascinates with beautiful stained glass windows or reminds on entering a fairy tale from 1001 Nights. But see for yourself how fascinating the Islamic places of worship are. Real surprises are included. Or would you have known spontaneously that there are Chinese-style mosques and even pure clay mosques ?