The TOP 10 Most Beautiful Car Tours Through Germany

From Rugen to Lake Constance, from the Thuringian Forest to the French border – Germany is a single road trip. Because countless fantastic roads lead through the whole country. We present the most beautiful routes for your next holiday.
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When temperatures rise outside, the discoverer spirit awakens. You do not have to go into the distance. Germany is a wonderful place to explore. In practically every corner of our beautiful home, an attractive holiday road winds through the countryside. Take a ride down the stairs and take a ride with a convertible, motorbike or bicycle. Maybe just for a weekend or for a whole week.

Whether you are looking for a mine or a good wine, whether you find fascinating castles, fairy tales or volcanoes, you will find a variety of routes for all tastes. In order to quickly find your favorite, we have already pre-sorted.

1 Once through the Alps

Those who love the Alps will enjoy these 450 kilometers: theGerman Alps Road from Lindau on the Lake Constance to the Königssee winds through beautiful mountain landscapes. Just when everything is green, the route turns out to be a real millennium.Here you can see everything: picturesque alpine pastures, majestic mountains, dense forests, glacial lakes. In between are pretty cities like Bad Tölz, the idyllic Allgäu, the Tegernsee or the Chiemgau.
Where you should stop on the way: 1. At the turquoise-blue Sylvenstein reservoir, where you can swim wonderfully. 2. At Schloss Neuschwanstein – if you are striking with tourists crowds. 3. In Nußdorf am Inn, which in 2004 was voted the most beautiful village in Europe.

2. From castle to castle

castles have their own charm, also because they invite to a time trip. It is true that on Burgenstraße almost 1200 kilometers long, a historic building joins the next. More than 90 castles are on their way from Mannheim to the Czech capital Prague. You can see medieval towns, magnificent castle grounds and impressive castle walls and experience a piece of German as well as Bohemian history.
Where to stop on the way: 1. At one of the many castle and castle festivals or the open-air performances. 2. In the romantic Heidelberg, here you can see the whole city from the castle. 3. In the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary.

3.A complete trip to Germany

If you have time and want to drift through the countryside in good weather with the convertible, Deutsche Alleenstraße is the best choice. But beware – a staggering 2900 kilometers await you. Those who are divided into ten day stages, however, experience a perfect journey to Germany, which starts on Rügen and leads through a total of ten German lands to Lake Constance. The special feature of the route are, as their name suggests, the many avenues on the way and the different game of the leaves colors depending on the season.
Where to stop on the way: 1. At the sunrise or sunset at Sellin Pier. 2. In the Lutherstadt Wittenberg, which scores with its magnificent buildings. 3. In the baroque district of Fulda.

4.In the footsteps of Mrs. Holle and Sleeping Beauty

The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are (almost) everyone. If you want to follow the Pied Piper of Hameln or the Bremen city musicians by car, you can do it on the German fairy tale road . It is 600 kilometers long and leads from Hanau, where the Grimms were born, over Steinau, Marburg and Kassel to high to Bremerhaven.About 50 stations on the route tell the tourists much about the life of the famous fairy tales and their imaginative figures.
Where to stop on the way: 1. At the Pied Piper Theater in Hameln.2. At the Schneewittchenhaus in Bad Wildungen. 3. In Reinhardswald and the Sleeping Beauty Castle Sababurg.

5. The Star among the Streets

It has been the epitome of the German journey since 1950 for foreign tourists: The Romantic Road , which runs from Würzburg to Füssen, is not only the oldest, but also the most famous German holiday road, which is by the way also great on foot or by bike is. On the 468 kilometers of the world you can see and experience all that Americans and Japanese have to offer in Germany: half-timbered houses, diverse landscapes between the river valleys and the Alps, delicious wine and tasty beer, and, of course, the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle.
Where to stop on the road:1. In the Wieskirche at Steingaden, whose rococo glamor is unique. 2. In the pretty old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. 3. On the only completely preserved and accessible wall of Germany – in Nördlingen.

6. Through the Land of the Riesling

When it comes to the most beautiful tourist routes, a route to the most delicious vines can not be missed. The Deutsche Weinstraßeis a classic: with a length of 85 kilometers, it is manageable to take the time between the House of the German Wine Route in Bockenheim and the German Weintor in Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the French border. In addition to the good wines there is much to see and discover: Gently rolling hills, cozy wine festivals, the Palatinate Forest, pretty small villages. In addition, there is an amazing, almost Mediterranean climate with 1800 hours of sunshine per year, where even kiwis, figs or lemons thrive.
Where to stop on the road:1. At least one wine cellar to sample the Riesling typical for the region. 2. In picturesque Deidesheim. 3. In the Burgruine Wachtenburg – of course with Burgschenke!

7. Traveling as an Emperor

Where the Prussian kings and the German emperors used to reside,Hohenzollernstrasse leads now : 280 kilometers directly through the Swabian Alb, past many castles and palaces and in front of the backdrop of an idyllic landscape. You are pleasantly on the road, where there is not so much traffic. Start at the upper Neckar, then continue through the Danube valley to the Lake Constance region.The name of the street, the Hohenzollern castle, is imposingly imposing on a foothill of the Swabian Alb and has already been praised by Kaiser Wilhelm II because of its brilliant view.
Where to stop on the road:1. At the Fürstenschloss Sigmaringen.2. At the Monastery of Beuron. 3. To represent the feet on the beautiful Hohenzollern hiking trail.

8. By car through 800 years of mining

The name is program: The Saxon-Bohemian silver road from Zwickau to the beautiful Dresden is comparable to a silver band, which passes through one mine after another on 275 kilometers. In this way you will get to know the Erzgebirge and its 800-year-old mining tradition. By the way, there are also magnificent cities like Marienberg or many very interesting churches like the Freiberg Cathedral on the way.
Where to stop on the way: 1. At the famous Silbermann organs in Freiberg. 2. In the Radonheilbad Bad Schlema. 3. At one of the mountain parades or the production of the legendary Christmas pyramids.

9. The realm of the volcanoes

where lava once paved their way are somehow always exciting. Do you also find? Then you should explore the German Vulkanstraßeby car . For 280 kilometers it leads through the Eifel and offers tourists 39 geo-highlights, which deal with the volcanism of the Eifel. They get to know slag volcanoes, see many mineral springs, lava domes or maars. We start at Laacher See, which reminds us of the last great eruption of the volcano, which was 13,000 years ago.From the Rhine the route leads to the Hohe Eifel. Where you should stop on the way: 1. At the monastery Maria Laach and its natural stone path. 2. In the Roman mine Meurin near Kretz. 3. On the Hohenacht, the highest peak of the Eifel.

10. 120 Highlights for nature and forest lovers

The Thuringian Forest is always worth a trip. For those who want to explore the area by car, the Thuringian Forest Nature Park Route is the perfect way to get around . The total length of 450 km km extends from Hörschel near Eisenach to Saalfeld and takes you to a beautiful discovery trip. If you want, you can learn more than 120 highlights along the route. A delight for nature lovers, who also want to see the hidden beauties and traditions of the Thuringian Forest. You will pass the historic Rennsteig road, just like the Rennsteig train station. Where to stop on the road:1. In Schmalkalden and its really beautiful old town. 2. At the Fröbelturm in Oberweißbach, to enjoy the panorama view over the Thuringian Forest. 3. At the Schönbrun