This will help you get to the suitcase faster on the luggage belt

Check-in, security and passport control , waiting for your luggage … Many tourists spend more time at the airport than they would like. To make it a bit faster at least at the baggage claim , there are a few valuable tricks.

Every German employee has a legal leave entitlement of 24 working days. Not much, if you convert that to the year. Since you want to fully enjoy every minute and not waste – such as at the baggage claim at the airport. Here are a few tips on getting your bags faster.

One option is, for example, to provide the suitcase with “fragile” (German: fragile) before giving it up. Most of the time, these suitcases are loaded later and come out of the machine first. Another advantage: While unmarked cases often appear very battered again on the luggage belt , the chances of an undamaged suitcase in a “fragile” are much better.

The last will be the first

Those who are late in the check-in, may be happy. Because pieces of luggage are always loaded on the plane from the back to the front. So if you check in last, your suitcase will be loaded last, leaving the plane first. There is a high probability that your luggage will land on the luggage belt first . Of course, there is no guarantee.

The third method is unfortunately a bit more expensive. If you can not or do not want to wait, you should fly Business or First Class. Then not only you, but also your luggage will be treated preferentially. Not for nothing there is the saying “time is money”.