Media and Internet legal award: the winners of the 2018 edition

REWARD – For its fifth edition, the Media and Internet Legal Prize, of which TF1 is one of the organizers, has rewarded works relating to the photography of the territory between personal and public data, as well as the artistic creation generated by treatment. algorithmic. This year, the fifth edition of the Media and Internet […]

Where the fear travels: The most dangerous countries 2019

Whether terror, lousy roads or poor medical care: The Travel Risk Map 2019 shows where travelers have to take particular care. The earth is a restless planet. Political turmoil, high crime rates and terrorist attacks pose security risks in many countries. Bad roads or inadequate medical care can also seriously dampen the feeling of travel. […]

Golden Globes 2019: “Work without Author” is empty

No German Victory: Both “Werk ohne Autor” by director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and Daniel Brühl did not prevail at the Golden Globe Awards in 2019. The first big award ceremony of the year 2019 did not produce a German winner. The German film “Werk ohne Autor” by director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (45, “The […]

Golden Globes 2019: A very special victory for Sandra Oh

The Golden Globe Awards not only feature films , but also TV productions. Former ” Gray’s Anatomy ” star Sandra Oh did something out of the ordinary. The Golden Globe Awards are something special every year. The award ceremony traditionally unites a large star line-up in one room, as both cinema and TV productions are awarded. While in the cinema area “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Glenn Close (71) have provided surprises, […]

Golden Globes 2019: Many winners and two big losers

The Golden Globes 2019 saw many winners and two big losers. “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Glenn Close provided surprises. There have been a few surprises at the Golden Globe Awards 2019. As one of the big favorites in the movie categories, the music drama “A Star is Born” by Bradley Cooper (44) went into the race […]

Amanda Bynes secures brand rights for a fashion line

At the end of November, Amanda Bynes returned with a scandalous interview . Soon a new fashion line will follow. For a long time, Amanda Bynes (32, “Easy to Have”) heard nothing more when she reported back in a scandalous interview in “Paper” magazine at the end of November . In it, she reported among […]

This is the new dating trend “Freckling”

Fancy a relaxed summer romance , where men or women know in advance how long it will take? That’s exactly what happens with “Freckling”! Laid-back, airy, light – that’s how many people like the summer and they also want an entertaining summer romance . Anyone who is on the road as a “Freckler” not only […]

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