Where the fear travels: The most dangerous countries 2019

Whether terror, lousy roads or poor medical care: The Travel Risk Map 2019 shows where travelers have to take particular care.

The earth is a restless planet. Political turmoil, high crime rates and terrorist attacks pose security risks in many countries. Bad roads or inadequate medical care can also seriously dampen the feeling of travel. Wherever these traps lurk, the Travel Risk Map , published by International SOS together with Control Risks , summarizes the year 2019 again .

We have rummaged in the interactive map and revealed where you travel particularly dangerous in 2019.

Experts are analyzing the current security situation worldwide for the Travel Risk Map, which is intended primarily to provide business travelers with a first orientation. So how safe is my destination? To answer this question, anyone planning a trip can consult the map. It subdivides the world according to the three menu items “Security”, “Medical” and “Road Safety”, highlighted in risky and less risky areas. Or you just enter a certain place name and immediately see all forecasts there.

Europe remains relatively safe
Basically, the security situation in the world is still very similar to last year. Which also means that for the most part Europe can be explored without hesitation. Only in Kosovo and Ukraine is the situation more critical. The safest ones are still in countries like Greenland, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Switzerland. Furthermore, only a low security risk is indicated for the USA, Canada, Argentina, Namibia, Morocco, but also China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Oman, Senegal, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Panama or Ecuador.

The world is getting small
In the calculation of the card security issues such as terrorist threat, crime, abductions or social unrest flow into the topic of security. In this sense, traveling in most states of Africa, Asia or South America are much riskier. It goes without saying that states such as Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Libya or Somalia are extremely dangerous.

Tourists should also have the medical care and the road conditions in view. These can bring quite a risk in otherwise safe countries. In this respect: For all those who want to travel completely harmless when traveling, the wide world is fast becoming very small.