This is the new dating trend “Freckling”

Fancy a relaxed summer romance , where men or women know in advance how long it will take? That’s exactly what happens with “Freckling”!

Laid-back, airy, light – that’s how many people like the summer and they also want an entertaining summer romance . Anyone who is on the road as a “Freckler” not only follows the latest dating trend, but deals with the partner a lot more humane than it was with the “Orbiting” or “Ghosting” the case.

Really new is the phenomenon “Freckling” not. In former times one called it still summer romance or just short affair. The name derives from the English word “Freckles”, because the freckles come quickly like a fleeting romance and disappear again in the winter. A “Freckler” is therefore not in search of great love.

Brevity is the soul of wit

The chances to get to know the family or friends of a “freckler” or a “freckler” are virtually zero. Nevertheless, one does not get away so badly in times of Tinder and Co. Because romance and a good time do not have to be waived – it’s all just a little faster.

Compared to “Ghosting” or “Orbiting”, in which one of the two partners is dumped without further notice, “Freckling” is more humane. It is not for nothing that there is the saying: “In the brevity lies the spice”. If that falls into the warm season, so much the better.