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Ford Fiesta ST and VW Polo GTI in the test

The roles in the sporty small car are clearly distributed: The VW Polo GTI mimics the well-groomed power dwarf, the Ford Fiesta ST the bully. Its turbocharged engine does have a cylinder less, but also comes to 200 hp. So who’s chasing who? drive steering costs Conclusion For a change, we push aside the topic space and functionality for now. Since the Normalo-Polo […]

Opel GT clubs celebrates the anniversary of the Opel GT with a Grand Tour

As 50 years ago, Opel assembled some GT at the Hockenheimring . On the occasion of the jubilee many things were different from those of the presentation in 1968: Among the drivers were Walter Röhrl , the GT designer Erhard Schnell and Volker Strycek . Picture show: 50 years Opel GT >>   The umbrella organization of European Opel GT clubs celebrates the anniversary of the Opel GT with a Grand […]

Jeep Cherokee (2018) driving report

With modernized engines, modified features and, above all, a thoroughly revised look , the Jeep Cherokee will be launched at the end of the year. We were already able to collect the first driving impressions with the new model year . Now he starts from 41.500 euros in the trade. […]

Mercedes-AMG ONE

AMG has announced the name of Project One. The electric supercar is called ” Mercedes-AMG ONE”. All 275 copies have already been sold, however, AMG provides the contracts with certain clauses to protect the Hypercar from speculators. contractual clauses Engine technology from Formula 1 performance The drive concept Cockpit in […]

SUV Young and Oldtimer: Ten off-roader tips

SUV booming without end. But the oldies are in contrast to car classics often confusion. We recommend ten off-roaders, which are worthwhile for collectors and fans. Picture show: SUV classic >> At the beginning a definition of terms: The SUV, literally “Sport Utility Vehicle”, was only with the Europeanization of the term […]