biter Macan Turbo – the underwear makes it

With the facelift, the Porsche Macan optically did not change much. But if you want to understand why he drives differently than the predecessor, you have to look at the underwear. has looked so Macan Turbo under the dress.

With the facelift, the Porsche Macan optically did not change much. But if you want to understand why he drives differently than the predecessor, you have to look at the underwear. has looked so Macan Turbo under the dress.

These are officially intoxicating values, but what drives the driver of a Porsche into mere ecstasy is what happens in between. Away from the circuit, but not off the beaten track. Because, believe it or not, the edges are more at home here than on the racetrack. Although he can not only, also can, according to the statement of the project manager Porsche Macan Sebastian Staiger. “It’s just part of the Porsche DNA, and that’s what it says in the specifications, and we realize that few owners of a Macan use it on the racetrack, but if they do, they can be sure they’ll do more than four N├╝rburgrunden can play at one go. “

But back to the curves. The driver can complete this with the Macan Turbo in a motorcycle-like swing. The best setting for this musical curve is when the dampers are set to Sport Plus, but the throttle and engine remain in the Sport mode. This has the advantage that the engine does not respond to the upper corner and the control systems such as the ESP can intervene in the upper limit range. Incidentally, they do so discreetly and late that the driver does not feel patronized by the technology. Set up like this: aiming for a turn, braking for a while – please do not jump abruptly into the irons, because they bite hard. This is not only due to the saddle and the disc, but also because of the driver of the new Macan Turbo steps on a so-called organic sheet pedal. That weighs 300 grams less than the previous steel part and acts via a shortened lever arm on the master cylinder. Advantage: The brake responds very spontaneously and has a very precise pressure point. So watch out: whoever gambles on it, throws the anchor with all his might.

Back to the curve: gently brak, turn and accelerate out. But for the sake of God, do not beat the pin into the metal with all your might. When the turbos are in the ventilation mode, the box moves forward immediately and with all its might. Which in turn implies that the anchor must be thrown rapidly before the next corner. And that is exactly what ultimately provokes the limits of physics. Here it can happen that the sheer mass pushes the cars out of the way. What the Macan definitely does not do is behave bitchy in these circumstances.

The engineering makes the flow

But back to the flow: It is better to use the already mentioned engineering so that the Swabian flies around the corners as if by magic. And that should, even if technical details are not so exciting, be briefly explained at this point because that’s the already mentioned engineering. “It is often assumed that such a facelift refers only to the look,” explains Staiger, “but you have to look at the underwear.” Speaks it and pulls a DIN A4 sheet from the back pocket. On it the landing gear of the Macan and of its more than two-thirds red. “The red parts are the ones we changed something about,” says Staiger.

For example, the pitching of the engine at high load requirement in its storage was suppressed more. One does not believe it, but this little thing has an extreme influence on the turning behaviour in curves. The car is more stable in the track and can better use the cornering forces of the outer tires. Especially since thanks to a widening of the rims also broader Schluffen and thus have received a larger footprint. But also the steering shaft and the stabilizers on the rear axle were changed and adapted to an even more dynamic driving style. Everything as I said not a must, always a Kann.

Just like flap control of the exhaust system or optional air suspension. In the case of the rolling piston have been optimized and installed a new shock absorber hydraulics. A circumstance that spreads the Macan even more in both directions sports and comfort. For the driver’s, this means he feels the tightness of a sports car, but never feels like riding aboard. To explain The rate at which each damper springs, is so high that just never comes the feeling of undue hardship. It always remains a residual comfort, which, if the control systems are placed on it, also provide the full comfort program. Then the Swabian gently floats over transverse joints and makes the road plan.

Who lets go of the steering wheel

Although no one will give up the steering wheel of a Porsche for the reasons mentioned above, sometimes it is easy to let the assistant work. However, this is not included in the basic price of 91,922 euros. The speech here is from the 2546 euro expensive traffic jam assistant. It was developed further from the adaptive cruise control system and can now no longer follow only the following vehicles, but decelerate to a standstill and then drive on independently again. In addition, the system recognizes lane markings and cars ahead on its own lane and adjacent lane within a speed range of 0 to 60 km / h. If the system is active, the Macan is kept in the lane by targeted steering interventions.

And something else is not insignificant in the current discussion about SUV: Part of the adaptive cruise control and thus also the traffic jam assistant is the warning and brake assistant, which reduces the risk of collisions with vehicles and pedestrians many times over. Thanks to the front camera, the system detects when cars or passers-by are in the collision area. Now, a step-by-step procedure sets in: First there is a visual and acoustic warning. If the driver does not react, there is a brake pressure. If then still no braking is initiated, it comes to an automatic emergency, so full braking. Of course, in the case of the Macan, these are not the only helpers who can assist the driver. Optionally there is – this is not new, other vehicles have,

Be that as it may, the Macan Turbo is a driving machine that likes to take on the chores of everyday life. And who now asks the question of the consumption of the six-transmitter, should get an answer at this point: Who drives at the power limit, which will not consume over 100 kilometres under 13 litres of Super Plus. If the driver keeps in check and lets the turbo glide, he also manages to reach the distance with eight litres. In real operation, you should expect a good 10 litres, which the Macan needs for its services.