Nissan at CES 2019

More security and more entertainment . At CES , Nissan shows what opportunities Augmented Reality applications can offer in the car of the future.

“I make myself the world as I like it,” sang child heroine Pippi Longstocking once and could have anticipated the automotive future of Nissan .

At the CES ( Consumer Electronics Show , January 8-11 , 2019) in Las Vegas, theJapanese introduce their Invisible-to-Visible technology (invisible to visible).

Exhausting rides through heavy rain in the winter twilight could thus be over as well as the approach to confusing entries and exits.

Display for fair weather riders

Sensors and cameras capture the environment of the car in real time. Together with data stored in a cloud can then be displayed on the windshield, an artificially generated image that merges both information levels.

Instead of driving through the rain, you suddenly drive along the same road in sunshine. The corner of the house becomes transparent, one sees whether pedestrians or traffic crossing crosses. In urban stop-and-go traffic, real-time data should even find the right lane for faster travel.

If driving in autonomous mode, the driver can continue to dive into a virtual world with AR glasses. With it, three-dimensional avatars can be projected into the car . Here you could choose a driving professional who gives tips for driving or family members and friends who – also with an AR glasses online – can ride in real time.

Upon arrival in an unknown city, a local guide could virtually invade the car , explaining the sights that the navigation system of the autonomous car automatically controls.

At CES , Nissan will showcase the possibilities of three-dimensional displays and user interfaces through an augmented reality tour of a city. The stand visitors only have to put on one of the ready-made glasses.

Maybe you can arrange a trip to Sweden, where you can go looking for Villa Kunterbunt. And if you want to see the bell sign, if you are correct. The girl with the pigtails is full name Pippilotta Viktualia Rollgardina Peppermint Efraimstochter Longstocking. And is just as unreal as a 3D avatar.