How to improve your posture

Good posture is important so you do not have problems and back pain – we’ll show you how to recognize bad posture and how to balance it

How do you stand there? Crooked back, drooping shoulders, duck feet? Such bad postures do not have to be. The best exercises to earn a good posture score.

We sit the whole day. No wonder we develop hanging shoulders or a round back. This is dangerous because such miscarriages can eventually lead to health problems in the spine, hips and knees. We do not want to start from an imminent herniated disc. In addition, bad posture just does not look nice. The good news: you can do something about the wrong attitude. What is wrong with your attitude and how you straighten it out, we explain.

Self-check: Do you have a bad attitude?

To see if you’re standing strangely, take a picture of yourself from all angles. A friend can do that for you or use the self-timer on your computer or camera. Make sure that you stand relaxed. You might recognize the following issues.

How to adjust the hull If you

recognize in the photo that you are making a round back, then you will certainly feel it through a limited mobility of the upper back. In the long run, a crooked back causes pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Training on a hard foam roller can help. They are available in every well-stocked sports retailer. Lay face down on the tool, which is positioned in the middle of the back. Bring the spine into an upright position, take your hands behind your head and roll your upper back over the roll several times. For the lower back, change the position of the roll.

To push your shoulders into position

Do you often pull your shoulders up? This can cause pain in the neck, upper back and shoulders. The cause can be a shortened trapezius muscle. It starts at the neck and runs to the back. They solve the problem by stretching the muscle. To do this, place one arm behind your back while touching your left cheek with the other arm and pulling your head in the opposite direction. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat it 3 times. Then change page.

How to Calibrate the Head

A common head posture is the outstretched head. He causes a strong pain in the neck, because the muscles stiffen there. They help by stretching the neck muscles daily. To do this, nod your head. First hang the chin and then move it towards the neck, which stretches the lower neck. Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat the exercise several times.

How to fix foot problems

The deformities in the back and shoulders are quite obvious. But also the feet should not be ignored during the analysis. Stand or walk problems can be painful. A common misalignment are the so-called duck feet. The feet are turned while walking strongly outwards. It is not normally rolled over the toes. The pain usually occurs at the hip or lower back. A common cause is lack of flexibility in the hip muscles. To strengthen them: Go to the quadruped stand and place one foot behind the opposite knee. Make sure that your spine is well arched and then carefully shift your weight back until you feel the stretch in your feet. Hold it for about 30 seconds and repeat the exercise several times. Then change the page.