This is how you get rid of bad breath

Whether on the first date or job interview – the well-publicized appearanceincludes well-groomed teeth and a fresh breath. Halitosis is unpleasant and embarrassing for those affected. We show you which tips to help against bad breath . 

Often known as halitosis, bad breath often goes unnoticed for a long time. Affected do not perceive the unpleasant smell itself. Others do not usually dare to address the topic. However, confidants should not be afraid to point out to the victim the odor. Because only those who know the problem can act against it.

The reasons for an unpleasant odor in the oral cavities can be versatile. Inadequate dental care, unhealthy diets or illnesses can put the oral flora in imbalance. 

Halitosis is usually associated with a dry mouth. Salivary flow is insufficient in these cases to remove bacteria that contribute to odor. The result: bad-smelling sulfur compounds are released.