Paw relief on the wheels “Bello” may stay!

Animal plaques help people in distress so that they do not have to give away their four-legged friends, who are sometimes the only “contact persons” in difficult situations.

Health problems, job loss, low pension or other crises. Suddenly, the money is missing to supply the loyal pet. The four-legged friends are in difficult situations often an indispensable spiritual support for the Frauerl or Herrl, especially when they are single. A few fortunes with a happy ending: A young man relies on a wheelchair after a foot amputation. He lives alone with his beloved dog and makes everything possible for him within the bounds of his possibilities: “He is my only support and reason that I am still here”, was his call for help to Ms Sonja Moldaschl (57), to Caritas Socialis and Founder of the association “Pfotenmarkt on Wheels – Animal Tables for Pets”, who looks after in Vienna and surroundings.

A frail lady crying on the phone: “My daughter wants to give away my cat, please talk to her, I’m desperate.” Mental problems and marriage-off were the reason for Maria to turn to the pet table. Due to lack of money she had to move to a small apartment. Not without her cat: “She is my life’s content.” “People who receive a minimum pension or are in need of help with linings, cat litter and occasional accessories, so that they can keep their pets and provide them with proper care, is our goal. The four-legged friends are often the only social contact, “emphasizes Ms. Moldaschl. “Food and donations are provided by animal-loving people, friendly associations and companies with a heart for their faithful companions. Even the corner of the animals,

Employees from the “paw market” volunteer to help. These benefits are not self-evident for pet owners. Some cook thanks for the helpers jam or collect ballpoint pens for them. An elderly lady knits motifs from the animal and plant kingdom, which she makes available to the club for the flea market. The proceeds go towards the purchase of feed. The number of those who earn little and ask for support is increasing. “Often it is tight, but even a vet bill can exceed the financial possibilities. We also have cooperations with veterinarians who meet us, “says Sonja Moldaschl.

  • How do you get support ? They tell the club how many animals they have. These are visited and photographed and their income situation examined, so that the donations in kind only benefit those who really need them.
  • You want to work ? If you want to volunteer to deliver donations in kind or to look after the camp, please let me know.
  • Give up what you no longer need! Do you have food, litter, a leash, dog blanket u. Ä., Which is still ok, left? We pick up these items and bring them to needy pet owners or the shelter.

The association is present to get to know at pet fairs, dog day etc. In order to be able to sustain this project, food and donations as well as financial means are needed.