Nine doctor questions that you should not lie to

If the doctor asks a question, you should not fib. We will give you typical questions that the physician asks and to which you should answer honestly.

If you have an appointment with the doctor, this will ask you many questions. Of course – he also wants to find out what you are missing and how he can help you. So far you have thought that you answer honestly to any of these questions? Then you may be mistaken, because there are some issues that you are unaware that you are just a little fib about. And that can have unsightly consequences – such as the prescription of the wrong drug.

However, it also happens that you do not want to give your doctor any information about yourself. Anyone who has received the advice of the physician to quit smoking, but simply can not do so, quickly tends to drop a smoked cigarette literally under the table. And who cares that you are currently taking a medication but have had a glass of champagne at this one party?

However, for your doctor to be able to make a correct diagnosis, it is very important that you are honest and address every little point that could help you. Your doctor will certainly not judge you, after all, he has to deal with a lot of patients every day. We’ll tell you which questions your doctor should answer honestly and what can happen if you do not:

At your next visit, you may want to pay more attention to what and how you answer your doctor’s questions.