The best home remedies for sore throat

The throat is scratching? Difficulties swallowing? On average, every adult suffers from sore throat two to three times a year, children more frequently. Going to the doctor or the pharmacy is not always necessary. Often home remedies can help. We tell you the best home remedies for sore throats .

Winter time is cold time. In cold and wet months, many people have colds, coughs and hoarseness. Sore throat is often the harbinger of an impending cold.

First sore throat, then cold
An unpleasant scratching in the throat is often followed by difficulty swallowing, coughing and runny nose. In most cases, persistent cold viruses are the cause of sore throats. Then only help: wait, drink tea and cure the flu. After five days, the common cold has subsided.

In our picture show you can learn with which home remedies you can relieve your sore throat .

Complications of sore throat
In exceptional cases, a more serious illness may be hidden behind the inflammation in the pharynx. The German Association of Otolaryngologists advises to see a doctor in case of very severe pain, high fever and sudden onset of symptoms. Reddened, swollen and coated with almonds, one-sided pain and swollen cervical lymph nodes also urge for a doctor’s visit.

Prevent colds
A cold is by no means inevitable in autumn and winter. Who strengthens his immune system by moving in the fresh air, changing showers and sauna sessions, can withstand the cold viruses. Thorough and regular hand washing also reduces the risk of infection. A balanced and vitamin-rich diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is recommended throughout the year, but can protect against cold infections, especially in the cold months.