New Hanuta packaging ensures Shitstorm

Manufacturer Ferrero has changed the packaging of Hanuta and thus triggers a Shitstorm in the network. The reason for the annoyance of the customers is not the new design, but something completely different.

New Hanuta packaging triggers Shitstorm
Since 1959, the confectionery product Hanuta is available on the German market. In summer Ferrero changed the design and packaging of the traditional product. However, this does not go down well with the customers. On the Internet, a real shitstorm was triggered on the facebook page of the group.

The H in the logo now appears in black, rather than in red, and reminds even more of the lettering of Nutella . The indignation over the new packaging of the hazelnut blackboard Hanuta, however, has quite different reasons.

More garbage – big indignation
The former aluminum packaging was replaced by plastic film. In addition, the individually wrapped waffle lies on a plastic-coated piece of cardboard, so that the candy does not crumble.

There are complaints on the facebook page of the company. A user says: “The whole world is discussing too much plastic waste and you are now welding an extra layer of plastic in each package?”

The company also responded to the accusation on its side: “At Ferrero , too, we are concerned about the correct handling of materials, so with the new packaging we have reduced the use of aluminum in the Hanuta single piece the individual packaging to take the consumer, the individual Hanutas also practically on the go. “The cardboard card guarantees stability and also product protection.”

Not all customers can follow this argument. Some emphasize that they want to forego the enjoyment of the sweet: “Yesterday I bought a double pack of Hanuta for a long time and wondered about the new packaging .” Now I open it today and have a lot more garbage than before! I’m horrified, so in the future I’ll probably not buy Hanuta anymore. “