What we should treat our skin in the summer …

The next sunbath is already planned? Then this is a fabulous message for our mind – and a challenge for our skin. But what should we consider when we want to protect the skin now and make it shine from the inside out in the most beautiful of seasons? We clarify!

Long days, a lot of (free) time outdoors, loose-fitting outfits – no question: we love the summer, but for our skin it is and remains a stress phase. Because UV rays & Co. challenge them to a special degree. In addition, during the peak season we expose it to other climatic conditions and unusually high solar intensities. Now it’s definitely about doing something for the skin !

So it’s all the more important that we prepare you fully for our favorite season before the summer gets really hot. Now it is time to treat our skin with something very special: It’s high time for a treatment plan that paves the way to a dream complexion with valuable tips!

Treat your skin …

  1. … already for breakfast a little beauty ritual.
    What do women who envied their dream complexions actually do differently or even better? You already start the day with a beauty-oriented ritual. It is no coincidence that models and stars in beauty talks repeatedly describe beauty-activating measures, especially in the morning hours. The reason: the activity cycle of the metabolism. In the course of the day, the nutrients absorbed in the morning can be better distributed in the body and thus more effectively support the cells and the skin.

But with which ritual is it particularly easy to take advantage of the natural metabolism effect? The answer: with the ritual, the drinking ampoules integrate A4 pulses into our breakfast routine . Because the high-quality Nutrikosmetikum of the Munich beauty mark A4 nutricosmetics supplies only contents materials on natural basis for a beautiful skin – purin-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and free of artificial coloring. All the more practical, that we do something for the perfect summer complexion the whole day, when we start it in the morning with this beauty-luxury …

2 … a holistic beauty concept that can strengthen her for the summer.

Those who really want to prepare the skin for the summer should think long term and give them time to properly use high quality skin care products. Holistic cures are now our first choice – just like A4 Impulse. Because the 28 drinking vials per pack not only bring us closer to the most beautiful summer complexion day after day, they also support you in the long term thanks to their contained ingredients.

The heart and, at the same time, secret of the secret: the unique A4 Cera Peptide Beauty Complex® . With bioactive collagen peptides and ceramides it receives elemental components of the skin, which contribute to a youthful appearance. Collagen peptides enter this structure and stability (1), the p flanzliche n Ceramide keep the skin moist and elastic , and proven to reduce the formation of wrinkles (2).And then of course there are still vitamin C and vitamin E to call, which are crucial especially for the summer skin. Those who treat themselves and their skin to a daily drink with these beauty vitamins, thanks to vitamin C, support the natural formation of collagen in the skin and, through vitamin E, help protect the skin against oxidative stress. And that is particularly high now, because solar radiation causes oxidative stress, thus accelerating skin aging.

3 … a break from age-related changes.

Wrinkles, sagging skin, a pale complexion – that’s what they are, the age-related changes in the skin that do not fit our summer mood. In other words, in the brightest of seasons, beautiful skin is best for us. So now more than ever, it’s about counteracting these changes.

With the holistic and innovative beauty concept of A4 Impulse we can do just that. Because the valuable ingredients, together with their impressive abilities, can demonstrably influence the appearance of the skin (1, 2, 3) and, beyond the recommended drinking cure period of at least eight weeks, provide exactly what we want: pampering time-outs for our skin – and a summerly and beautiful appearance for us!